Best toys for corgis

Discover how the Best Toys for Corgis can promote mental stimulation while keeping them physically active.

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Best Toys For Corgis

 Let’s delve into a very interesting essay about the Best Toys for Corgis.  According to canine historians, Corgis trace their lineage back to at least a millennium, hailing from Wales. The name “Corgi” itself is a clever amalgamation of the Welsh words, “cor”, translating to “dwarf”, and “Ci,” meaning “dog”. 

Treat for Your Furry Friend

The intriguing alliance between Corgi pups and the British royal family is quintessentially iconic, much like classic fish and chips. Among the myriad dog breeds populating the globe, the mighty yet petite Welsh herding pup emerged as the royals’ preferred canine confidant. With their inherent intelligence and congenial temperament, these royal favorites are perfect pet choices. 

Sporting a distinct physique, Corgis always make a mark in any mass of four-legged friends. Their characteristic long, low-slung body, paired with short legs, offers a unique charm that their intelligent eyes enhance, inviting you to indulge them with the best toys for Corgis.

Identifying the Differences- Pembroke Welsh Corgi vs. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

At first glance, both Corgi breeds appear identical; however, their tails tell a distinguishing tale. 

The Pembroke Corgi prides itself on its stubby tail – a royal preference, while the Cardigan Corgi sports a long, bushy tail. 

Historically, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi had its tail docked in puppyhood to avoid any hindrances during herding activities. This tail docking tradition has presently integrated into the breed standard. Hence, if you purchase a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from an AKC-registered breeder, the pup will have a docked tail, perfect for wagging while playing with the best toys for Corgis.

Interestingly, some Pembroke Corgis are genetically tailless, raising the question – is their DNA finally catching on to the norm?

Best Toys for Corgis – Ensuring Fun for Your Furry Friend

Here are some kinds of these toys:

1. KONG Classic Dog Toy- Supreme Pick

Topping our list of the best toys for Corgis is the KONG Classic Dog Toy. This fantastic toy keeps Corgis engaged by allowing filling with treats, sparking their play instincts, and promoting active entertainment. Made of durable, robust rubber, it stands against persistent chewing, rendering it practically indestructible – an ideal pick for intense chewers.

However, some Corgis might struggle to retrieve the treats inside, leading to potential frustration, while others may not fancy rubber toys, leaning towards softer alternatives.


  • Designed for treat filling.
  • Constructed with sturdy, pet-friendly rubber.
  • Deemed long-lasting and nearly indestructible.


  • Some Corgis may find treat extraction challenging.
  • Certain dogs may dislike rubber toys.

2. Nylabone Natural Rubber Strong Chew-Best Value Pick

The best value choice among the best toys for Corgis is the Nylabone Natural Rubber Strong Chew. Designed for the chew-loving Corgis, its durable nylon construction can handle extensive gnawing. The chicken flavor is sure to make your Corgi’s day.

Potential downsides include its lack of all-natural material composition, and again, some Corgis may not appreciate the texture of this toy.


  • Made from sturdy nylon.
  • Infused with a savory chicken flavor,


  • Not composed of all-natural materials.
  • Some dogs may dislike the texture.

3. Zippy Paws Squeakie Buddies Ladybug Plush Dog Toy

This plush toy is an excellent choice for Corgis that love comfort. The soft plush material and inbuilt squeaker ensure your Corgi stays amused. However, it might not endure extreme chewers, although lower stuffing aims to minimize mess. Some dogs might also dislike the squeaker.


  • Constructed with cozy plush material.
  • Features an integrated squeaker.
  • Reduced stuffing ensures minimum mess.


  • May not withstand heavy chewing.
  • Some dogs might not enjoy the squeaker.

4. Chuck-it! Ultra Ball: Supreme Pick for Puppies

Perfect for active Corgis with a penchant for games, the Chuck-it! Ultra Ball, one of the best toys for Corgis, makes fetch infinitely more fun. Designed ultra-durable, harsh chewing doesn’t faze it, while its vibrant color makes it easily noticeable. However, not all puppies may find it perpetually entertaining, although it’s an excellent tool for fetch training.


  • Ultra-durable design.
  • Brilliant color for easy spotting.


  • May not keep dogs engaged for long stretches.
  • Some puppies may not quickly grasp “fetch” or ball-catching.

5-Kong Squeeze Ball Dog Toy: A Fetching Delight for Corgis.

This toy, a standout among the best toys for Corgis, is primarily suited for those fond of a good fetch game. Its unique design ensures convenient pick-up and carry, while an integral squeaker adds fun to their playtime. However, the squeaker might not appeal to all canines. Super heavy chewers could also challenge its durability.


  • Novel design.
  • Comes with an internal squeaker.


  • Some dogs may dislike the squeaker.
  • Possibly not sturdy enough to endure heavy chewers.

6. Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone Toy – Enjoyably Edible for Corgis 

Topping the list for Corgis who love gnawing is the Benebone Wishbone. Crafted from robust nylon and infused with bacon flavor, it’s a sure hit, just like the Dental Tough Dog Chew Toy constructed from rubber to gently massage your dog’s gums. On the downside, it lacks all-natural elements, and some dogs may not appreciate its texture or flavor.


  • Constructed from resilient nylon.
  • Infused with enticing bacon flavor.


  • Lacks all-natural composition.
  • Some dogs may dislike its texture or savor.

7. Nylabone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy- A Chewer’s Delight for Corgis 

The Nylabone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy, another one from the list of best toys for Corgis, is an ideal choice for chewing enthusiasts. Manufactured from tough nylon to endure serious gnawing, its wishbone shape additionally offers easy gripping. However, it might not rank high amongst Corgis who aren’t fond of rigorous chewing.


  • Crafted from durable nylon.
  • Designed in a wishbone shape for easy grip.


  • Some dogs may not favor the texture.

Guide to Purchase- Selecting the Best Toys for Corgis

Selecting the best toys for Corgis entails a careful assessment of several crucial factors. Initially, understand your Corgi’s toy preference. Do they have a penchant for chewing? Are they fond of games like fetch? Or do they lean towards softer toys for cuddly comfort? Recognizing your Corgi’s toy type can streamline your selection process.

Secondly, scrutinize the material employed in the toy’s construction. Given that Corgis are ardent chewers, it’s imperative to pick toys built from robust materials that can handle their energetic crunching prowess. Durable materials such as rubber or nylon are highly recommended.

Finally, give thought to the size of the toy. Align the toy’s size with the relatively petite physic of Corgis. A too-small toy risks choking hazards, while an oversized one can be difficult for them to maneuver.

Therefore, ensure the toy you pick for your Corgi successfully meets their stimulation requirements. Inadequate stimulus might trigger boredom, leading to unwanted destructive behavior.

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