Happie original dog food dry

Explore the benefits and features of Chappie Original Dog Food Dry, a nutritious and balanced option for your furry companion's mealtime needs.

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Happie Original Dog Food Dry

Proper nutrition is crucial for our furry friends’ wellbeing, just as it is for us humans. Providing the right balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates can make all the difference in ensuring our pets lead a healthy and happy life. This is where chappie original dog food dry comes into play. With a rich heritage spanning over seven decades, Chappie has been trusted by vets and pet owners alike to deliver a nutritionally balanced, complete diet for adult dogs.

Chappie original dog food dry

A balanced and nutritious meal

The success of chappie original dog food dry lies in its specially formulated recipe that caters to all the dietary needs of adult dogs. It contains a minimum of 4% whole wheat and 4% chicken, ensuring your dog gets the necessary protein for muscle development and energy. Whole grains are a fantastic source of dietary fibre, which aids digestion and provides a slow release of energy, keeping your pet satisfied throughout the day.

Chappie original dog food dry is low in fat, high in essential nutrients

Chappie original dog food dry is crafted to be lower in fat than most other dog foods. This unique formulation offers a balanced diet that can help maintain your dog’s healthy weight and prevent obesity-related issues. Furthermore, it’s enriched with essential vitamins and fatty acids to promote a shiny coat, strong immune system, and overall wellbeing.

Easy Digestibility

Digestive health is paramount for dogs. Chappie has worked tirelessly to make its dog food as digestible as possible. By using wholegrain maize and wheat, it ensures not only nourishment but also optimal digestive health. This easy-to-digest formula makes it an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Feeding Instructions

Feeding your dog chappie original dog food dry is quite straightforward. Guidelines based on your dog’s body weight are provided, which typically ranges from 110g per day for a 5kg dog, up to 675g for a 55kg dog. However, these amounts can be adjusted based on the dog’s activity level, breed, and overall health to maintain optimal condition.

Transitioning to Chappie

If you’re introducing your dog to Chappie for the first time, it’s recommended to do so gradually over five days. This phased approach allows your dog’s digestive system to adapt to its new diet and helps avoid potential discomfort.

Chappie original dog food dry is all about trust and recommendation

Chappie original dog food dry is trusted and recommended by veterinarians. It has been developed with input from nutritionists and veterinarians at WALTHAM to ensure it delivers 100% complete nourishment.

Kinds of chappie original dog food dry

Chappie Complete Original 15 kg

Chappie Complete Original from chappie original dog food dry offers a comprehensive dietary solution for adult canines.

Promotes Healthy Digestion

Crafted with a special mix of low-fat ingredients and dietary fibre, this dog food ensures a steady energy release, effectively fulfilling your dog’s daily requirements.

Optimized Fat Content

Unlike many other pet foods, our unique and balanced formulation stands out for its significantly lower fat content.


Chappie original dog food dry doesn’t just fill your pet’s belly; it’s packed with essential vitamins and fatty acids, assuring a perfectly balanced diet for your furry friend.

Nutrient-Rich Cereals 

With the incorporation of wholegrain maize and wheat, CHAPPIE delivers optimum nourishment – energy-providing starch and fiber to promote healthy digestion.


The product includes Cereals (min. 4% Whole Wheat), Vegetable Derivatives, Meat and Animal Derivatives (min. 4% Chicken), Oils and Fats, and Minerals.

Feeding Instructions

The following feeding guidelines are based on your dog’s weight: 5 kg – 110g/day, 15 kg – 255g/day, 25 kg – 375g/day, 35 kg – 480g/day, 45 kg – 580g/day, 55 kg – 675g/day. It’s important to have fresh water accessible at all times.

Package Contents

  • Each order contains 1 x 15kg pack of Chappie Complete Original.
  • The product includes Cereals (at least 4% Whole Wheat), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Meat and Animal Derivatives (at least 4% Chicken), Oils and Fats, and Minerals.

How to Use

Follow these feeding guidelines based on your dog’s weight: For a 5 kg dog – 110g/day, 15 kg dog – 255g/day, 25 kg dog – 375g/day, 35 kg dog – 480g/day, 45 kg dog – 580g/day, 55 kg dog – 675g/day. Fresh water should always be available for your pet.

Note that a dog’s dietary needs can vary based on their activity level, breed, and overall health. Consequently, you may need to adjust the quantity of food to maintain your dog’s optimum health. Most dogs require a transition period when switching to a new diet. Hence, if you are introducing your dog to chappie original dog food dry, do it gradually over 5 days. CHAPPIE® Complete can be served dry or moistened with warm water or gravy. Fresh drinking water should always be kept within reach. To prevent the risk of suffocation, keep the packaging out of the reach of babies, young children, and pets.

Chappie Original 12x412g

  • Chappie Original from chappie original dog food dry is a well-rounded dietary solution, designed to support your dog’s health and vitality into its golden years. It combines a delightful medley of natural ingredients, including fish and fish by-products, cereals, meat and animal by-products, oils and fats, and herbs. These components ensure your pet maintains robust immunity and energy levels throughout the day while optimally nourishing their body.
  • The formulation, meticulously crafted by the experienced veterinarians and nutritionists at Waltham, ensures a balanced and comprehensive nutrient profile for your dog. Additionally, Chappie canned dog food is fortified with vitamins and minerals that promote heart health, skin and coat condition, digestion, and weight management.
  • This hypoallergenic dog food is an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs, as it excludes potential irritants such as eggs, red meat, gluten, and soya.
  • To ensure your dog receives the correct daily portions, monitor its weight, age, activity levels, and reactions to environmental changes. This will prevent underfeeding or overfeeding. You’ll soon appreciate the positive impact Chappie wet dog food brings to your pet’s life!

Chappie original dog food dry advantages

Chappie Original from chappie original dog food dry offers a 100% complete and balanced wet dog food for adult dogs. It is thoughtfully developed by expert nutritionists and veterinarians at WALTHAM with meticulous attention to detail. The formulation is rich in whitefish protein, which promotes muscle development and strengthens the immune system. Enhanced with vitamins and minerals, it provides holistic support to your dog’s overall health. Lastly, it’s carefully crafted to exclude potential allergens like eggs, red meat, gluten, or soya, making it suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

With its balanced formulation, low fat content, easy digestibility, and trusted reputation, chappie original dog food dry stands out as a reliable choice for your pet’s nutrition. Remember, every dog is unique, and their dietary needs can differ. Always keep fresh water available, monitor your pet’s weight, and consult your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s diet. With Chappie, you can rest assured you’re providing your canine friend with a nutritious meal they’ll love.

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