Best bones for german shephed

Ranking the Best Bones for German Shepherds: A comprehensive ranking of the best bones available in the market tailored just for your German Shepherd.

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Best Bones For German Shepher

It’s no secret that German Shepherds are quite fond of chewing on bones. Yet, the possible hazards associated with certain types of bones are worth noting. That said, what are the best bones for German Shepherds?

Raw bones of a large size are often the best bones for German Shepherds. Cooked bones, softer in nature, risk splintering and causing injuries to your dog’s mouth, throat, or digestive system. To avoid this, bones should be larger than the Shepherd’s muzzle, preventing the likelihood of swallowing it whole. Ideal choices would be beef and lamb shank bones.

In this blog post, you’ll gain insight on which bones are suitable for German Shepherds, which aren’t, frequent misunderstandings, potential risks, substitute chew toys as well as their benefits and drawbacks, alongside actionable steps to take if your dog happens to swallow a bone.

Welcome to your comprehensive guide on determining the best bones for German Shepherds. Now, let’s dive in!

Top Selections for the Best Bones for German Shepherds

Jack&Pup Marrow Bone Treats

High-quality and well-crafted, Jack & Pup marrow bones are a result of assigning importance to the welfare of cattle, sourced from grass-fed, free-range origins. These marrow-filled bones are all-natural, without any added fillers or artificial additives, making them the best bones for German Shepherds, particularly for those with sensitive stomachs or food allergies.

A closer look at its nutritional content verifies that Jack&Pup bone treats come packed with 10% crude protein, 19% fat, and an 8% moisture level.

Asserting their commitment to health and safety, the bones are thoroughly inspected and devoid of harmful bacteria. As well as offering an ideal balance of texture and thickness with no unsavory odor, they are incredibly advantageous for maintaining your dog’s oral health. These superior bones aid in cleaning teeth effectively, removing tartar, and preventing plaque accumulation. Additionally, they fortify your dog’s gums and jaws.


  • Grass-fed, free-range cattle sourcing
  • Composed of a single, natural ingredient
  • Promotes oral hygiene by removing tartar and plaque
  • Boasts an ideal thickness


  • Due to their weight, they may damage wooden floors

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bones

Offering the best bones for German Shepherds with a grain-free formulation, Blue Buffalo’s wilderness wild bones are a fantastic choice. Nutritionally dense, they consist of 17% protein, 3% fat, 9% crude fiber, 20% moisture, and 1% calcium.

These carefully designed bones cater to German Shepherds with sensitive digestion. They contain no poultry by-products and are thoughtfully crafted to empower canine strength. Chewing on these bones includes the bonus feature of naturally freshening your dog’s breath by clearing accumulated tartar. The high protein concentration reinforces your dog’s muscle health and supports physical development.


  • They are grain-free, perfect for sensitive digestion
  • Impressive high protein content
  • Contributes to fresh breath in dogs
  • Benefits canine health significantly
  • Promotes smooth digestion due to fiber content


  • Given their soft nature, they may not be ideal for keeping your dog preoccupied for extended periods.

Budget-Friendly Selection: Pure & Simple Pet Rawhide Retriever Roll Dog Treat

Rawhide chews, like the Pure & Simple Pet Rawhide Retriever Roll Dog Treat, are known for endorsing good dental hygiene by encouraging dogs to chew naturally. They offer an appetizing taste and a pleasant smell that attract dogs of all sizes and breeds, including German Shepherds.  Although they don’t have the same longevity as natural bone treats, their relatively lower cost makes them a solid alternative. 

This particular Rawhide Retriever Roll Dog Treat, designed like a bone in its roll-shape, includes natural oils that can potentially stain carpets, mimicking traditional bones. Like with any other bone or chew, it’s crucial to supervise your German Shepherd while they’re having the treat, and remove it if sharp splinters or edges appear.

These treats can turn into a soggy mess occasionally, which some owners might not find appealing. However, your German Shepherd would likely enjoy it. This pack of three rawhide roll treats is an affordable investment yielding multiple days of chewing joy, which is why it becomes our top pick for the best-value bones for German Shepherds.


  • Affordable
  • Less likely to create stains than meat bones
  • Helps improve dental hygiene


  • Potential to stain carpets
  • Can result in a soggy condition

Deluxe Option: Bones & Chews Elk Antler Chew

Though not technically a bone, the Bones & Chews Elk Antler Dog Chew serves as a premium-quality natural antler chew, perfect for large German Shepherds. It comes in various sizes, with large options ranging from 8-inch to 10-inch extra large chews. This chew lacks the typical rawhide or meat smell, making it desirable for those seeking a different option. 

Despite not having the usual smell, this chew contains oils that could potentially stain your carpets. To minimize such a scenario, feed your dog while supervising in an appropriate location. As an added bonus, elk antlers are packed with calcium and other essential nutrients that contribute to enhancing the strength of your dog’s bones and teeth, while the act of chewing can fight off plaque.

One common concern here is the inconsistent size of the treats due to their natural origin.

Top Rated: Nylabone Puppy Teething X Bone Beef Flavored Puppy Chew Toy

Selecting the best bones for a German Shepherd puppy can pose a challenge. Traditional raw bones and antlers seldom meet their needs, while many rubber bones for puppies may not withstand the intensity of their chewing. 

For this reason, we recommend the Nylabone Healthy Edibles pack, which includes three sturdy, bone-shaped dog treats. Made from natural ingredients, these bones are crafted to withstand prolonged chewing, although your Shepherd puppy might beg to differ. These bones are ideal for puppies weighing up to 15 pounds and can cater to them for the first few months.

Despite their durability, expect these bones to last for about a week under your puppy’s constant chewing. However, they are budget-friendly and devoid of harmful ingredients, making them an excellent choice for young dogs until they are prepared for raw bones or rawhide alternatives.


  • Specifically designed for puppies
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Affordable


  • Not bone
  • Short lifespan
  • Might cause carpet stains

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy

While meat bones and rawhide might be appealing to dogs, they are less desirable for their owners as they tend to stain and require constant supervision. Alternatively, rubber bones, like the KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy, last longer, do not stain, and don’t require frequent supervision. This durable rubber bone, one of KONG’s most robust offerings, is among the best bones for a German Shepherd. 

With a bone-like shape, it should delight dogs accustomed to meat bones and provides easy grip when they hold it in their mouth or between their paws. Despite being the priciest option in our list, this rubber bone promises to outlast a meat bone without any drawbacks. Supervise your dog to remove any broken bits in order to avoid choking. What’s more, you can fill the KONG toy with treats to make it more tempting. This not only enhances the flavor and smell, but it also encourages your dog to use their ingenuity to reach the treats inside.


  • Sturdy rubber bone
  • Can be stuffed with flavorful treats
  • Engages your dog in seeking the treats within


  • Premium priced
  • Despite durability, some pieces can break off

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