Best treats for pitbulls

Uncover the tastiest and most nutritious options for your furry friend with our feature on the best treats for pitbulls. We provide insights on essential nutrients, textures, and flavors that your pitbull will greatly appreciate.

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Best Treats For Pitbulls

Embarking on the quest for the best treats for pitbulls this year, we’re flooded with options ranging from appetizing chews to soft morsels. Whether you’re searching for long-lasting treats able to stand the test of time, or a delectable surprise for that extra special pitbull celebrating an extraordinary day, our expansive list encompasses all possibilities.

Best treats for pitbulls

Pitbulls inherently possess larger jaws and a keen desire for diversions and amusement – factors effectively embedded in the treat list we’ve curated. It’s essential to honor your four-legged friend’s unique preferences, whether they relate to taste, attitude towards rawhide, nutritional needs, and more. Keep reading to enrich your knowledge about the ultimate choices when it comes to the best treats for pitbulls.

Outstanding Best Treats for Pitbulls: Kong Toy Original

This trending Kong Toy Original, radiating a radiant red hue and resembling a snowman, is cherished by dog enthusiasts, veterinary professionals, and dog trainers around the globe. With decades of prominence and an unblemished reputation for its strong, invincible make-up, it’s lauded as one of the best treats for pitbulls. The secret to its appeal? A hollow cavity designed for hiding treats.
By engaging your Pitbull’s natural instincts, this toy promises persistent enjoyment spanning months or even years. Not only does this serve as a chew toy, but the treat compartment offers an enticing cognitive exercise for your beloved pet.
Whether trying to make your time away from home more pleasant for your canine friend or simply want to keep them involved, this toy’s design allows it to serve a double purpose. Depending on the treat lodged in the cavity, it can potentially keep your pitbull engaged for several hours.

The Finest Treats for Pitbulls: Deer Antlers

  • Surprisingly, Deer Antlers rank as one of the best treats for pitbulls. A newcomer in the realm of dog goodies, they may seem slightly more expensive in comparison to their conventional bone counterparts but justify their cost owing to their enhanced durability – lasting up to thrice as long. Their unique design also promotes oral health for your canine companion, making them a worthy purchase.
  • Deer Antlers vary in form and size and are accessible at your local pet stores. If you’re fortunate enough to know a local hunter, there might be a chance to get these specialized dog treats at zero cost! Just confirm that these antlers originate from a healthy deer and remember to wash them thoroughly before allowing your pitbull to enjoy their new-found treasure.
  • One of the best treats for pitbulls are Tuffy Toys
  • For anyone with a Pitbull, it’s no secret – conventional plush toys are ephemeral delights in your home. Hence, investing in indestructible carpet dog toys is a sound decision, especially as the best treats for pitbulls.
  • Tuffy Toys are a great consideration for a Pitbull with a preference for softer toys that can withstand formidable jaws. Tuffy’s collection includes robustly designed dog toys that fare better with heavy chewers compared to regular stuffed toys. Structured from carpet-like fabric and enhanced with triple stitching, these toys have the added robustness that your Pitbull requires.
  • Remember, safety first. Although sturdy, these toys contain stuffing that could pose a choking risk to your Pitbull when unsupervised.

Supreme Treats for Pitbulls: Bully Sticks

  • Bully Sticks are essentially dehydrated bull pizzles famed for their high protein and low fat, along with their complete digestibility. Interestingly, these sticks have made a name for themselves among top-tier athletes due to their superior nutritional health benefits and reported stamina enhancement.
  • However, buyer beware! The quality of Bully Sticks can vary dramatically. Some are disappointingly slender and devoured within minutes by a Pitbull. Others may be irradiated or chemically processed. For assured quality and affordability, we recommend as a reliable source of these Pitbull treats.
  • For an optimal choice, choose 12-inch thick Bully Sticks for your Pitbull. For a stellar deal, consider purchasing them by the case! Additional options include 18-inch Bully Sticks and full-sized 30-36-inch pizzles to keep your companion preoccupied.

Ultimate Treats for Pitbulls: Tug Poles

Previously stated but worth reaffirming, Pitbulls relish a hearty game of tug-of-war. While Tug Poles aren’t chew toys in the traditional sense, they earn their place as one of the best treats for Pitbulls because they cater to a Pitbull’s inherent play needs.
These poles offer both mental stimulation and physical entertainment for your Pitbull, without the comparable stress on your arms. This unconventional toy is a useful option for a high-energy breed like the Pitbull, satisfying their playful needs.
The structure of this toy includes a flexible pole that securely anchors in the ground and an enticing cloth tug toy atop it that your Pitbull can grab onto. Sold commonly on Amazon, it’s a unique addition to your dog’s exercise scheme. This toy guarantees hours of fun for your pet and manages to expend some of its seemingly boundless energy without leaving you drained.

Premium Treats for Pitbulls: SmartBones Chicken Wrapped Stuffed Twistz Dog Treats

SmartBones offers an exquisite alternative to traditional rawhide in the form of their chicken-wrapped stuffed sticks. Specifically crafted with ingredients that promote ease of digestion, these qualify as the best treats for Pitbulls that have previously encountered digestive issues with regular rawhide treats.
Distinctly created with an outer layer of chicken and a pork center, these treats differentiate themselves from conventional dog chews. If you’re hunting for an aromatic treat boost or superior quality indulgence for your canine companion’s special day, these twists are flavor-packed.
As is the case for most chews, these treats also promote dental health by cleaning teeth with each gnaw. An additional advantage of these treats is the inclusion of essential vitamins and minerals. However, some drawbacks include the presence of preservatives in their ingredient list.

The best Treats for Pitbulls: Redbarn Naturals Cow Hooves Dog Treats

Continuing the rundown of top treats for Pitbulls in 2023, Redbarn Naturals Cow Hooves undoubtedly deserve mention. Cow hooves and other body parts are regarded as superb options for dog treats, their chewability supporting healthy gums and teeth with each use. These treats serve as a prolonged-pleasure option due to their durability, as they last significantly longer than one-bite treats.
Free of added colors, flavors, preservatives, or chemicals, these treats contain only a single ingredient, are 100% natural, and guarantee a great deal of fun for your Pitbull. However, reviews indicate these treats have a tendency to be slightly fragile, breaking relatively easily after use.

Purchaser’s Guide: Selecting the Best Treats for Pitbulls

When on the hunt for the best treats for Pitbulls in 2023, various online reviews and the unique properties of each selection can aid you in making an informed decision. Whether you favor all-natural options free of fillers, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, or you’re searching for delectable delights for special occasions, there’s an abundance of products to select from.


Prior to purchasing, thoroughly inspect the ingredients of the treats. If your Pitbull favors a specific flavor or texture, this is a good detail to note. A variety of treats offer unique benefits that may align with your dog’s needs. For instance, bully sticks or chews are beneficial for dental hygiene and helpful in tartar control. These treats keep your dog engaged and endure longer playtimes.

Choking Risks

Pay attention when opting for treats like dried bovine parts, given their potential to break into smaller fragments that pose hazards to your dog. For certain treats, it might be necessary to supervise your Pitbull during snack time to prevent smaller pieces from becoming choking hazards.

Cost Implications

While the majority of treats come at modest price points, you may encounter more premium products such as antlers or organic, multiflavored treats that command a higher price. Bear your budget in mind when purchasing the best treats for pitbulls. Unless procuring the absolute top-tier products is your only objective, there’s no need to overspend on dog treats, as there’s a wide variety of both healthy and budget-friendly options.

Final Remarks on the Best Treats for Pitbulls

Based on various reviews, it’s been found that Bones & Chews bully sticks emerge as the best treats for pitbulls, primarily due to their long-lasting engagement factor. The Busy Bone Rollhide chews claim the podium as the premium choice for Pitbull treats, albeit being pricier. Bones & Chews makes another appearance, this time with their elk antlers that, despite their slightly hefty cost, offer a treasure trove of nutrition.

After all, Pitbulls adore their treats and certainly merit the odd indulgence. Regardless of which option you choose from this array, you’re bound to discover at least one that your Pitbull finds irresistible.

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